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How Tyndall HVAC Helped A Client Modify Ductwork Between Floors

Peter Tyndall |


Twenty years as HVAC contractors has taught us that no two jobs are the same, and quality work is the only long-term solution. Moreover, we understand that pleasing our clients’ needs is just as crucial as making sure that a project is technically correct. 

We have successfully completed numerous HVAC system installations, repairs, and replacements over the years by keeping our clients in the loop from start to finish. Involving the client in the project allows us to update them regularly, and deliver what is expected. However, at times, some clients may have almost unrealistic expectations that are challenging to match. For these projects, we are forced to test our limits to provide quality results. 

Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client modify existing ductwork in spite of challenging conditions. 

The Challenge: Modifying ductwork between floors to improve airflow to rooms upstairs.

When it comes to heating and air conditioning projects, the most challenging part is correctly modifying existing duct work in between floors. We recently had a job that required us to improve the airflow to the rooms upstairs by using the ducts between floors. 

To understand what we were dealing with we had to remove sheetrock ceilings to access the modification required. Based on our findings, we had to get custom metal ductwork fabricated to enhance the airflow upstairs. 

Time was a major issue for the client as they could not use their garage and other areas of the house until the project was finished. As a result, the project’s timeframe was set to about one week.

The Solution: Using infrared camera technology.

Time was of the essence, and while extracting the ceilings and the old ducts, we had to be extra careful not to damage any of the electrical wiring or plumbing. Installing the new ductwork brought on the same challenges. To be careful, we needed more time. However, it wasn’t something we were afforded, so we had to use all our resources, technology, and experience

To cut down the time we would require, we relied on the tech we had available to us. We used our infrared technology while locating the ducts. To successfully do so, we ran the furnace in the heat mode and used an infrared camera to find where the ductwork was routed.

By using our infrared technology, we did not have to guess or demolish large portions of the ceilings and walls to see the existing ductwork. It helped us complete the project in four and a half days and meet the client’s overall needs and expectations. 

The Bottom Line

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