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What are SEER and EER ratings, and why are they important when choosing HVAC systems or air conditioners for your home or business?

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When considering upgrading an AC or heat pump system with hot summer days with average temperatures above 90 °F, it's critical to evaluate both EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) for efficient cooling and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) for effective heating throughout the season. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), based on an average outdoor temperature of around 82°F, indicates overall cooling efficiency. In contrast, EER is based on an average outdoor temperature of around 90 °F in cooling efficiency, while HSPF assesses heat pump efficiency in heating mode during the entire heating season. As more individuals transition to solar power and seek alternatives to traditional utilities like PG&E, heat pumps are gaining popularity due to their energy efficiency and environmental benefits. SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2 are enhanced versions of these ratings that indicate even higher efficiency levels and better performance in AC and heat pump systems.

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